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Expert In: Oculoplastic, Cataract & Comprehensive Ophthalmology
Sub-specialties: Oculoplastic, Cataract & Comprehensive Ophthalmology

MBBS, M Med(Ophth), FAMS

Operating Hours:

Mondays – Fridays: 8.30 am – 5.30 pm
Closed on Saturdays, Sundays, and Public Holidays

Singapore National Eye Centre, 11 Third Hospital Ave, Singapore 168751.

Appointment Process

Dr Yvonne Chung Appointment Number (For Serial): Phone: (65) 6227 7266, Phone: (65) 6100 9393 (from overseas).
Dr Yvonne Chung Online Appointment :

Chamber Name & Address: Singapore National Eye Centre, 11 Third Hospital Ave, Singapore 168751, Phonel (65) 6227 7255.


FAMS (2013)
M Med(Ophth) (2010)
MBBS (2001)


  • Singapore Totalisator Board Medical Research Fellowship, National Medical Research Council (2006)
  • Singapore Human Manpower Development Program, Oculoplastics and Orbital Surgery, Vancouver General Hospital, Canada (2014)
  • Achievement Award for Best Grant Proposal Submission, Arthritis Foundation, North Central Chapter, Minneapolis, USA (2005)
  • Overseas Fellowship Award, SingHealth (2004


Dr Yvonne Chung earned her medical Qualification from Guy’s, King’s and St Thomas’s School of Medicine and Dentistry in London, United Kingdom in 2001. Following her graduation, she embarked on a three-year research endeavor focusing on stem cells and biomaterials. This research was supported by Singapore’s National Medical Research Council Scholarship and the Mayo Foundation at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, spanning from 2004 to 2006.

Upon returning to Singapore, Dr Yvonne Chung completed her comprehensive training in Ophthalmology, achieving both basic and advanced surgical Qualifications. In 2013, she was admitted as a fellow of the Academy of Medicine. Dr. Chung’s surgical expertise centers on reconstructive surgery and ophthalmic pathology, particularly concerning the eye and its periorbita.

Driven by her passion for the field, Dr Yvonne Chung pursued specialized training in Oculoplastics at the Singapore National Eye Centre. Subsequently, in 2014, she was honored with the overseas HMDP (Human Manpower Development Program) fellowship for Oculoplastics and Orbital surgery. This training took place at the Vancouver General Hospital in Canada, where she worked under the guidance of Prof Peter J Dolman. During this period, she gained valuable exposure to orbital oncology, working alongside experts such as Drs Vivian Yin, Valerie White, and Steven Rasmussen.

Since 2015, Dr Yvonne Chung has been actively contributing to the medical community as an Oculoplastics and Cataract consultant at the Singapore National Eye Centre, as well as its affiliated branches at Alexandra Hospital and Changi General Hospital. Her professional focus extends to areas such as thyroid eye disease, lacrimal, and orbital surgery. In addition to her clinical practice, Dr. Chung serves as a Clinical Assistant Professor at the SingHealth Duke-NUS Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences Academic Clinical Program. She is deeply committed to the Qualification and training of residents and fellows in the field.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Dr. Yvonne Chung’s Expert In?

Dr. Yvonne Chung specializes in Oculoplastic, Cataract, and Comprehensive Ophthalmology.

2. How can I schedule an appointment with Dr. Yvonne Chung?

Appointments with Dr. Yvonne Chung can be made by calling the following numbers:For local appointments: Phone: (65) 6227 7266 or Phone: (65) 6100 9393 (from overseas).
Online appointments:

3. What are Dr. Yvonne Chung’s operating hours?

Dr. Yvonne Chung is available for consultations from Monday to Friday, between 8.30 am and 5.30 pm. The clinic is closed on Saturdays, Sundays, and Public Holidays.

4. Where is Dr. Yvonne Chung’s clinic located?

Dr. Yvonne Chung practices at the Singapore National Eye Centre, located at 11 Third Hospital Ave, Singapore 168751.

5. Can you provide details about Dr. Yvonne Chung’s Qualifications and awards?

Dr. Yvonne Chung holds the following Qualifications: MBBS (2001), M Med(Ophth) (2010), FAMS (2013). She has received prestigious awards, including the Singapore Totalisator Board Medical Research Fellowship and the Singapore Human Manpower Development Program fellowship in Oculoplastics and Orbital Surgery.
Feel free to contact the provided numbers or visit the online appointment portal for further assistance.

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